Ultimate Wow-er 12/08/2008

This is a wow-er! We just got a new record page veiws---drum roll please--- of 22 people!!!!! Because of that I, B., have added a new game to the gameroom. Also, I want to point out some other websites you might like: On December 12th they are having a thing called Coins for a Change. What you do is you donate virtual coins you get from playing games, and donate them in whcih real life they will split 1 MILLION dollars to three differnt causes. Also, it's super FUN! B.'s rating: 5 stars. Very smart for kids. It has fun games that teach you thing when you don't even know it! B.'s rating: 2 1/2 stars.

It seems as though some people aren't sending stories. So, I'm opening a new email address. I'll tell you it in my latest post. Untill then, Read On! -B.