Hey BookTowners. My last blog was 6 months ago. Whoops! I just updated a story though, even though that won't make it up. Truth is, I forgot about my site! Dumb me! School started again. WooHoo. Work is hard, and I'm extremly overwheelmed with projects. I do have more book lists

Diary of Ann Frank

The Shunning, The Confession, The Reckoning

Goosebumps(Horror Series)

B. Again 06/06/2009

Hey guys!!! I haven't been on lately and I'll barely be on for the summer, too. To make it up I'm putting two more stories on. Maybe a game, too. Here is another list of great books you should read.

Number the Stars

Call Me Hope

Fat Chance

Keep reading! Tell your friends! -B.



Heyyyy. It's B. here just to tell ya I haven't been on for a while. Don't be mad or worried, I'm just being lazy. To make it up I'll post a story or two. Also, here's my list of books you should read.

Every Soul a Star

Deep and Dark and Dangerous

The Taker

Luv ya, B.


I'm super super SUPER sorry! I went on a total hiatus for like, a month!!!! was not letting me make any edits and I'm really busy studing and all, so to make it up to you guys, I added a new game!!! But the thing is, the game is like 6000+ games in one! Or at least that's what it said...I'm not sure... Anyways, I've also added a few more stories. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to delete some stories like Lunaglow, or whatever! I'm going to add a new page and it's going to be all about ME!!! Enjoy the many delights of this site and tell your friends so they tell their friends, and on and on and on.

Sorry, B.

Ultimate Wow-er 12/08/2008

This is a wow-er! We just got a new record page veiws---drum roll please--- of 22 people!!!!! Because of that I, B., have added a new game to the gameroom. Also, I want to point out some other websites you might like: On December 12th they are having a thing called Coins for a Change. What you do is you donate virtual coins you get from playing games, and donate them in whcih real life they will split 1 MILLION dollars to three differnt causes. Also, it's super FUN! B.'s rating: 5 stars. Very smart for kids. It has fun games that teach you thing when you don't even know it! B.'s rating: 2 1/2 stars.

It seems as though some people aren't sending stories. So, I'm opening a new email address. I'll tell you it in my latest post. Untill then, Read On! -B.