The Silence

Nothing. The only sounds were the dead leaves, blowig past us, fleeing. The ball of firey gas in the sky still shown bright. My sword, still clean, stood in my palm, ready. The cry was heard. The sound, from a horn,telling us the enemies were here. It all happened so rapidly, I could hardly tell if we were winning or losing. Suddenly, I felt something. Another warrior came at me, but my sword suddenly moved, and I fought back. Hitting his sword, him hitting my sword. Our sheilds clanking. I felt a pain. A pain so deap, I nearly fell over. My leg had been sliced. I yelled for help, but my warriors were fighting their own. My opponent came at me, full feirce. I grabbed my sheild and blocked the attack. He stumbled back, and I toke the chance and tried to go after him. Just then, a group of our men came on horse. The nearest one helped me up on his steed, and we both attacked the other warriors. Triumph between the two kingdoms. At last, triumph.



Tomorrow should be a better day,
Or so that was what I thought,
Because everyday I look out side,
A war is to be fought.

Koi wrote in her notebook. Koi turned her head. She saw her brother and his friends with guns. She ran out of her room and outside. “Cain! Why do you have that gun? Mom is going to freak out when I tell her!” Koi yelled. “No she won’t.” Cain answered with his friends behind him. “How do you know?” Koi asked confused.“Because you won’t tell her,” Cain whispered. He lined up his gun and shot Koi. His friends gasped. “Cain, you killed your own sister!” One of his friends yelled. “Shut up, Lu. Hand me a cigarette.” Cain commanded. Lu and the other friend, Efil, ran away across the street. They threw their guns in a nearby can.
 “Losers…” Cain said picking up a cigarette. Just then his mother, Nicole, came out. She gasped at the sight of her daughter dead. “Cain! What happened?” Nicole yelled. Cain lined up his shot to shoot Nicole,but his father, John, shot his hand with his emergency gun, which he had a license for. “Cain, you’re going to jail for a long, long time once I tell the cops.” John said taking out his cell phone.

Tomorrow should be a better day or so that was what I thought, because everyday I look out side, a war is to be fought was one of Koi’s poems that she wrote inside her notepad. She was a beautiful daughter, and our son should be ashamed of himself. We believe Koi tried to stop him but failed.” Nicole said at Koi’s funeral. The crowed clapped and slowly exited the building. Koi’s cousin, Lin, sat by her gravestone for two hours just staring at it and talking to it. “Koi, I’m going to miss you. I can’t believe a fifteen-year-old would shot his own sister… Give me strength, Koi, please do.” He said. He laid down the piece of paper that Koi wrote her poem on next to daffodils he put there. A single tear left his eyes and fell on the dirt. He patted the stone and left.


Hate is such a STRONG word by Shi-Shi

Terry touched my hand and looked into my eyes, or was he? "Gillian, I'm sorry." He said. I couldn't stand how beautiful he was, with his auburn hair and bright blue eyes...but I was still made at him. "Sorry doesn't cut it, Bub." I answered back to him, pretending to be very interested in the insides of my locker. He took a deep breath and whispered into my ear again. "Listen, see me after school and we can work it out." After he said that he left. When he was out of sight, I did a little dance. I was happy, after all. He's going to give me something great and we'll be together again in no time!... But I still wish he didn't do what he did. See, Terry forgot my birthday for the second year in a row. Plus, he forgot our anniversery. I was so sick of him. "Gillian, get into class." Mr. Henshaw told me. I went into homeroom staring at the clock for six hours and twentyfive minutes.

"Ok, Terry, what do you want? and where are we?" I asked. He had me blind folded, but I could here the sounds of cars, so I knew we were out side. "Just a few more steps, and...Now! Take off your blindfold!" said he. I untied it and looked around me. I was outside alright, but I was in the middle of the street with a Jeep right infront of me. "Eek!" I screamed. Terry ran into the street and pulled me out just in the nick of time. "There, I saved your life, now you owe me a kiss." He said. "I hate you," I said playingly. "But, hate is such a strong word," He answered back, "How about...I love you?" I giggled. "That works," I answered back. I gave him a peck on the lips, and we left on our bus... Together.


Any Day Now... by P.

"Attention all 5th graders!" Kyle screamed at recess. I wonder what he's up to... "Shanon Wilk-so is in love with Eddie Cram!" Every 4th and 5th grader was at the top of the hill to hear those words. Kyle has problems! Oh my gosh I hate him so much. All he does is spread rumers that everyone beleives. It ruins kids' lives! I should know... Anyways, that is so the end of the line. Because Erin Wheat stands up for her friends! (cool last name, right?) "Kyle," I said pokking him right in the chest, "Any day now I will sock you so hard your teeth would never grow back from the shock!" I heard the quietness all around me. My other friend, Sonya, gasped because she knows I don't threaten people. "Well well well, I'm so scared, I think I peed." Kyle said doing his stupid dance. Well, dispite the teacher behind me, I'm ready. It is on! "AHHHHH!!!" I screamed. I kicked him where it hurts then punched him in the gut so hard, I saw spit fly out of his mouth. I held his stomach and whispered in his ear, "Any day now has run out, Kyle." He looked at me and stuck his tonge out. When will he learn? I socked him on the check as hard as my hand could take. I kicked him so bad that he is now on the grass, laying down with his face cherry red. Now I'm at the office.

"Let me get this straight, you kicked him in places, punched his gut, and punched his cheek." Mr. Keener, the principal said. I nodded. I was staring at the grass stains on shorts instead of his eyes. "You do know Kyle is in the nurse's office? You almost broke his nose, Erin. Tell me why this happened." I wanted to tell him I've wanted this to happen for a long time, but I can't. "Well, he was spreading rumers about my friend Shanon and he's spread rumers about my friend Sonya, me, and my friend Cory. I'm sick of it." And then I kicked the edge of my chair. "Thank you for stepping up for your friend, but you have lunch detention for one week. Understand?" Erin nodded. After that punishment, many began to follow. Erin began to beat up anyone who messed with other people. In count, she has been suspened for almost a month and is now in Juvenile hall.


The Color Green by ...

I walk proudly down the hallways of Washington Middleschool. I see people give me weird looks, but, who cares? Not me! I put my bag away in my locker (by the way, it's number 142) and walked into my classroom. Josh looked at me and gasped. "Amy . . . What happened to your hair?" He asked. I touched my bangs and the ends of my hair and smiled "Mother Earth threw-up on me I geuss." Julie laughed and took a seat next to my desk. "I love the green hair, it brings out your eyes." Julie said. We both started to crack up. Miss Julpie walked in the class with her face burried in papers. She looked up and saw my hair and started to walk backwards out of the classroom. What's the deal with the color green around here? Forrest came and sat next to me. He looked at my hair and squeezed my hand. "I love the look," He said and I smiled. If you haven't noticed already, he's my boyfriend. Miss Julpie came back into the classroom, but avoided eye-conntact with me. Big deal, green hair. It's not like I'm going to have green hair forever. This stuff only lasts three days. "Amy, please come to my desk." Miss Julpie said. Forrest squeezed my hand again and then we let go. "Yes Madam?" I asked. She rolled her eyes. "What's the deal with the green hair?" She asked. I threw my hands in the air. "What's not the deal with my hair?! I love it! Everyone notices it and my boyfriend likes it too! What is the deal with the color green???" I blew out. Miss Jupie snickered. "I think you could pull a prank on Mr. Adams with that hair. All you have to do is sneak up on him and BOOM! Mr. Adams will get the shock of his life!" Miss Jupie said, taking a sip of her coffee. I thought about. Mr. Adams is our principal here and we love to mess with him. "Deal," I said and we shook hands. So now, since Forrest is in the school newspaper, The W, Mr. Adams' shreek of terror is in the paper. I love seventh grade!


The Note by ...

Dear Tyler, meet me at the lockers after math. Sigh wrote. Sigh had the biggest crush on Tyler than Mrs. Kurian and Mr Kurian being married. Sigh passed her note to James, who passed it to Kiri, who passed it to Tyler. Sigh could feel her face getting hotter. She watched out of the courner of her eyes as Tyler opened the note. Sigh didn't notice but she was drawing hearts all over her notebook even though she was supposed to write the notes that were on the board. Mr. Cain walked past her and noticed his "love struck" student. He whispered in Sigh's ear. "Sigh, I know seventh grade is hard with all the cute guys," He winked jokingly "But please pay attention and write the words on the board. Thanks, Sigh" and with that, Mr. Cain countinued to walk around the class. Sigh saw him stop at Tyler's desk, but she didn't see what was going on because Kiri was blocking them with her head. Sigh's pen drummed on her notebook as she looked at the clock. Three, two, one, RING! The bell rang and Sigh ran out to her locker. Out of luck Tyler's locker was two lockers away. Sigh saw Tyler coming down the hallway but the presser got to her and she hid in her locker. The hallways were now empty except for Tyler. "Hello? Girl who sent me a note, are you there?" Sigh took a deep breath and got out of her locker. "Oh, hey Sigh . . . Sigh? You sent me this note? What's up?" Sigh took one more breath and looked in Tyler's eye. "Wanna go to Jimmy's Food Castle tonight?" She asked. Tyler got a grin and nodded. They walked down the hall six minutes later . . . holding hand.


Mary-Ann Speaks by Mellisa

One christmas eve evening Mary-Ann's family was sitting down in front of the christmas tree, speaking freely. "Tomorrow," Nora, Mary-Ann's little sister said "Santa will bring me a toy doll! I know he will!" Mary-Ann nodded her head. "Nora, Santa may not give you everything you want, you know?" Camron, Mary-Ann's older brother told Nora. Mary-Ann nodded again. "How you feelin' sis?" Camron ask Mart-Ann. Mary-Ann took out her whiteboard and wrote 'okay' on it. Mary-Ann has a disease in which you can not talk. The docoters said it should wear off in a year or so, but it's been three years since. "Oh, honey," Mary-Ann's mom told her. "It has to clear up any time now. What do you wish for tomorrow?" She asked her. Mary-Ann thought for a moment then wrote on her whiteboard. 'love' was what she put. Her mom hugged her. "If only papa were here." Nora said. Her mom took Nora and Camron into a big group hug. "Someday," Their mom said looking at the tree. "all our wishes will come true." and with that they all went upstairs to get ready for bed. All but Mary-Ann. Mary-Ann went into the kitchen and took out a peice of paper. 'Dear Santa,' She wrote 'I've been good all year long. Give me love, peace and joy. Your truly, Mary-Ann'. She went into their living room and put the note under the tree.

"Mary-Ann wake up!" Nora said, jumping up and down on their bed. "It's christmas!" and with that she ran into the living room. Carmon was just getting out of bed too. "Hey sis, it's a new day, can you speak?" He asked. Mary-Ann shock her head. "This is for you, and this is for me, this is for Carmon, this is for Mary-Ann, this is for mom," And Nora went on and on. Mary-Ann sat down on the coach in her fluffly blue robe and opened one a her presents. She gently took off the red wrpping paper with trees on it only to reveal fluffly red slippers. She wrote on her whiteboard 'thanks mom'. Carmon opened the present with blue and green strips on it. Inside was a new iPod with speakers. "Thanks Santa, where ever you are!"  Nora opened one with blue and pink polka dots. Inside was a coloring book. "Cool!" Was her remark. Carmon also got gift cards to the iPod store, some playstation 3 video games, and a harry potter book. Nora got a DVD about Dora the Explorer, a rainbow doll, and a teddybear. Mary-Ann got a book called Call me Hope, a book called Firegirl, some earmuffs, and an mp3 player. She wrote thank you ten times on her whiteboard. When every one was cleaning up the wrapping paper, Mary-Ann took looked all around the christmas tree. She spotted a little black box under the tree skirt. She picked it p and inside was a neaklace with a ruby in it. Mary-Ann was so happy she didn't even see the note in it. It read: Dear Mary-Ann, world peace is right around the corner, and so is your health. Ol' Saint Nick. Mary-Ann ran over to her mom. Her mom was excited to. "Yeah!" Mary-Ann said quietly. "What did you say?" Her mom asked her. Mary-Ann was as surprised as she was. " . . . Yeah?" She said a little bit louder. "Yes, yes yes! Your cured!" Nora sang, dancing around Mary-Ann. "Yes . . . Merry christmas." Mary-Ann said a tad bit louder.

Happy Holidays from B.!


Zekio, Addi and the Giant Pumpkin Queen by Prema

Once upon a time . . . There was a fat, ugly man named Zekio. He just moved out of his parents hut into a too small too soon hut. "Grumble . . . I can't beleive I'm in this little hut!" Zekio yelled as he sat down on his bed. RUMBLE! "Oops . . ." Zekio said. He had just farted. Knock knock went the door. Zekio waved at the air and answered the door. It was Indi Marakat. "Hi Zekio! Addi couldn't make it so I . . ." Indi said before she took a small sniff of the air. "Uh," She pinched her nose. "Here is your peach pie. That will be three coins." Zekio went to get the coins and gave them to her. "Thanks, and I think something died in your hut." And with that she left."Sigh," Zekio said as he watched Indi run away. "I could've talked to her about Addi." And with that, he went to bed. 

Addi sat on her small bed in her parents farm. she put her elbows on her knees and put her chin in her hands. "I can't sleep!" She yelled as she fell backwards on her bed. Addi could not yet afford her own house yet. Addi was the most beautiful girl in her village. She was going to marry the most handsome boy in her village, Geof against her will.

Zekio was woken up bye a noise outside. "Whose there?!" Hey yelled as her grabbed the thing that was closest to him, an umbrella. He ran outside to find a big pumpkin in front of him. He pocked it with the umbrella. He looked around and took it inside. It was a very good looking pumpkin. Zekio looked at it and sat it on his bed. Then, all of a sudden a beautiful, skinny lady popped out with curly red hair and wings. "I am the Pumpkin Queen. I can grant you two wishes. You can not wish someone to die. That is my only rule." She said. Zekio thought carefully, then answered. "I wish Addi would marry whoever she wishes." He said. Addi had told him about Geof. "Right, and your next wish?" The Pumpkin Queen asked him. "I wish . . . You were free." The Pumpkin Queen looked at him puzzeled, then gave him a small kiss on the check. "This kiss will protect you on where ever you may go. Thank you." And with that she walked out the door, and faded away into little orange flames.                                                                                                                                           The next mourning Addi ran over to Zekio's hut. "Zekio I'm free! I can marry whoever I want!" She screamed. Zekio told her what happened. "Wow, you risked anything you wanted for me?" She asked. He nodded. "Zekio, I want to marry you." She said. Zekio's heart exploded as he face turned all pink. At the wedding Zekio's parents were there and were so proud of him. Addi's parents looked in disbeleif. Addi wore the most beautiful pearl dress. Her veil was thick so you could not see her face. When they stepped on stand and said the 'I do's Addi was even more happier then Zekio.


(Zekio: Z-key-oh)